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Mingioni Construction is dedicated to providing the best quality building and customer service in the area. You will find Mingioni Family members on every job.  We have over 27 years of quality building experience.  Experience and longevity matter - construction is meant to last.    
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Congratulations to our President, Joe Mingioni for being awarded the Al Goldstein Award of Excellence. 

Please contact us to bid on your next project.  Mingioni Construction brings 27 years of experience plus a wealth of knowledge on the changing regulatory requirements, state mandates and the newest technologies to make your project cost effective and energy efficient.  
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:: Remodeling Your Dining Room - Part 2 in the Series
Making the most of your dining experience.  It is what every high quality diner is looking for when they search for the right location for a special event.  You want more than high quality food - often you are looking for the ambience or "feel" of the space to create the event that you want.

It is not any different in your own home!  Though, admittedly dining has definitely become a more casual affair, there are the times when we want to "amp up" the experience.  A return to dinner parties has also made a showing in recent times.  No one to throw you out after 10 pm when all the servers want to cash out and go home.  A more relaxed and intimate experience.  A way to connect with friends new and old!  Maybe even impress the client or boss. 

When you look at your dining room - are you happy with what you see? Does your room need a makeover or some improvements to create the feel and ambience that you want?  Here are a few ideas and links to sites that can help you in your quest for the perfect dining experience.

1.  How is the flow around your table?  Is the seating area so tight that no one can walk by when you are sitting down? You might want to consider a room extension through using a small addition to the home.  Make the space slightly larger so that the flow around the room is more comfortable.

2.  Look up.  Literally.  What's hanging there?  Is it still your taste? People go through growth in life ... and in decorating.  What you were thrilled with 10 years ago may not be your cup of tea any longer.  Think about a simple upgrade to your lighting.  Here is a link to a local lighting supplier whom we have worked with for many years.  Their supply of amazing fixtures seems endless and their customer service is bar none.

3.  Consider adding some trim detail.  Back in the day, chair rail actually had a function!  It was to protect the walls from the dings of people pushing their chairs up against the wall, but in today's world chair rail, wainscoting, crown mold are amazing use of detail that add character, charm and historic detailing to a room.  Your home may have been built 10 years ago, but you can give it the charm of a 100 year old home - without all the maintenance!

4.  Do you have enough serving area? A bump out addition or bay window could increase the room just ever so slightly so that you could add a serving table.  It makes for a convenient area to place the dishes when not in use on the table. 

5.  Lastly, you might want to think of paint colors or other wall coverings.  Just like in the lighting, your tastes may have changed.  Maybe the inspiring color you chose even 5 years ago has become dated or doesn't reflect your personality any longer.  Here is a link to some color ideas:,,20757100,00.html

In any event, I hope that this has inspired you to continue to make your home reflect YOU!  Mingioni Construction is always willing to help in any way that we can to help you love your home!!

The Mingioni Construction Team


:: Building a Custom Home - Part I of II

Building a Custom Home is not for the Feint of Heart - But Oh So Rewarding

It takes whole team of people and a dedicated home owner in order to bring the process from conception to final product.

Getting the design and exact finishes that you want are some of the advantages of the custom home market versus purchasing an older home and going through a remodel.  There are so many design styles out there to choose from and websites like or can help you define your own particular tastes.  Do you like Art Deco, Contemporary, Craftsman, Victorian, Tudor?  Finding your particular style home from that perspective will give your architect a starting point.

Finding the Right Builder and Architect

When looking for the builder/architect relationship sometimes you might go first to the architect or flip and go straight to the builder and build the relationship in that direction asking the builder to do a design/build or recommend an architect that they work closely with.  When interviewing architects always make sure to:

  • Ask for referrals
    • Ask for names, phone numbers, whether you can call them and to see examples of their work.
  • Interview them personally
    • You want to make sure that you have a good "feel" for the person and their personality and style.  The fit has to be right. 
  • Bring in the architect as soon as possible in the process
    • You want someone to be with you from start to finish.  They can end up saving you in the long run from a whole host of headaches.
  • Ask about their fee structure
    • You should know upfront how much you will be paying and what you will be receiving for those fees.  
    • Do revisions cost extra?
    • What about time spent on the site or in conversation with the builder?
    • Get as much information as you can during the interview process. 
  • Realize that selecting an architect is a mutual process
    • They should feel as comfortable with you as you do with them.  
    • Finding the right fit will make the whole process go so much smoother.  
More on how to pick the right builder for you in our next blog....................

The Mingioni Construction Team

:: How to Use (And Re-use) Every Room in Your Home

A Seven Part Series on how to make the most of your home.  To make your home more livable, more inviting and really a place you are excited to come home to.

The Foyer

Definition:  Foyer - an entrance hall or other open area in a building.

Well, for practical purposes let's just call this the "entrance" to your home.  The main door for which company will enter your home.  Do you find this entrance less than appealing?  Is it not the image you'd like for your home? Does it scream I NEED A MAKEOVER!??

Let's start with the basics:

The first step to making your foyer an inviting place actually begins outside the home. 
  • Is your walkway clear? Are shrubs overtaking the path?
  • Do you have a porch or portico:
  • How about that front door?

Let's look at each item individually - Clearing the walkway can be as simple as getting your pruning shears out.  Friends and family DON'T want to fight their way to your front door.  Make it simple and inviting.  Try adding some plantings in the spring to make the walkway a joy to come through.

If you have a porch or portico, has it been swept clear of last year's leaves?  Are there broken boards that need attention?  Maybe your front door needs a fresh coat of paint or varnish.  Little things go a long way in making a wonderful entrance and impression on those coming to your home.  Sweep away the cobwebs in the corners, get some paint and make that front door and porch homey and inviting.  Try adding a potted plant, a trellis, or a wreath to your door.  A clean and artistic welcome mat will really add something as well. 

Now that your guests have entered through into the foyer - think about what you want your foyer to say about you.  Do you want guests to feel a sense of luxury, country charm, or traditional flow?  Put little touches in the foyer that reflect your personality.  A bench, flowers, pictures, tapestries, anything that reflects the feel of your personality and what you want your guests to feel as they come in through your door.  A place to hang coats and keys is very handy and can add charm depending on the style.  I am in favor of a coat rack with umbrella stand in a very traditional manner, but there are MANY options out there. 

If your foyer is too cramped and you feel like you need to think about enlarging the space, give Mingioni Construction a call.  We can help you determine what walls, if any, can be removed to enlarge your space.  New flooring can be added as well as interesting trim details like wainscoting, crown mold or paint.  Add some new sconce lighting or a chandelier.  It's all about your personal style.

 Don't feel like you have to live with what you have.  Make the bold move to make a change.  So many things are possible. 

The Mingioni Construction Team

Next Up:  The Dining Room

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